Welcome to the Huntington Family,

"where learning is fun!!"  

Welcome to Huntington Elementary School. We are NCA accredited and have also achieved Golden Apple status. We have received an "A" on the state report card for over five years. We are very proud of our achievements and our students. We have about 320 students in grades Kindergarten through 5th. We have two sections of each grade with approximately 25 students in each class; and are called the Pirates. This changed (from the Cool Cats) in September of 2011. Since the High School
and Middle School are called the Pirates; all elementaries changed
to that as well. We couldn't be prouder of our little Buccaneers here at Huntington!
Our vision is to provide students with the education and skills necessary to become responsible citizens and tomorrow's honorable leaders.
Huntington Elementary School believes that members of our educational community
-  can learn and are entitled to a quality education
-  deserve a safe, supportive and equitable environment
-  are valuable and unique
-  embrace learning as a life-long process
-  must accept responsibility for their actions
-  encourage collaboration among students, parents, staff and the community
-  understand that change is inevitable, ongoing and necessary for growth

Pirate Mission Statement
Academics, Responsibility, Respect, Growth and Honor
In keeping with the District's "Pirate Pride" we have incorporated the above mission statement.  We believe this is the foundation for which our students can become brighter and stronger both academically and personally.  Each day, after the pledge, every student recites the mission statement followed by a loud "ARRGH!" (like a pirate).
School hours:  8:25 a.m. - 3:20 p.m. 
Note: tardy bell rings at 8:30 please have your child(ren) to school on time!
 Parents can see teachers between 8:05-8:20 a.m. daily; but you must stop in office first to make sure teacher is available.  Please don't come
after that - it interrupts class.  Thank you.

Principal:  Tim Barlage, 734-283-4820 Ext. 5222
Diana Alexander, 734-283-4820 Ext. 5221
Please call the Attendance Line at 734-283-4820 (press 1) to report student absences or tardies!  Clearly leave student's name & reason for absence or tardy.  Homework requests must be in by 10 a.m.

Office hours 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
If you or someone you know needs assistance (food, clothing, etc.) please come to the office. 
We might be able to help in some way.