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Riverview Community School District

Academics, Responsibility, Respect, Growth, Honor...ARRGH!
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Nancy Holloway

Director of Curriculum and Grants

13425 Colvin Street Riverview, MI 48193

734-285-9660, ext. 3

Curriculum Information


Welcome to the Curriculum Department at Riverview Community School District. Our K-12 curriculum has the reputation for delivering in the core academic standards necessary to support a high degree of student achievement in areas such as math, science, language arts, and social studies. Our curriculum offers both breadth and depth of understanding and offers clearly articulated K-12 connections. 

At Riverview we also believe that experiences in art, music, and physical education and extra-curricular activities help make for a well-balanced student learning experience. The Curriculum Department is located in the administration building at 13425 Colvin, Riverview, Michigan. 
In addition to supporting all of the testing, accreditation, curriculum, and materials efforts with Riverview Community Schools, the Department of Curriculum supports training and professional development for its teachers to ensure that all of our staff have the very best tools possible to provide the best learning experience for the students of Riverview Community Schools.