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Aesop Information and FAQs

Follow the link on the Staff Login page to access the Aesop website or click HERE.
1) Must employees use the internet for absence reporting?

No. Employees have the option of reporting their absences through Aesop's website or by telephone. Phone system reporting instructions are available in all school offices, at the Board of Education office, and on Aesop's website.
2) Do hourly employees have to fill-out time sheets in addition to reporting their absence with Aesop?

Yes. Aesop is an attendance reporting and sub calling system. For legal reasons, hourly employees must continue to fill-out and submit time sheets.
3) Can I make changes to past dates?

Employees can go back two (2) days to make changes to dates. If you find that something needs to be changed or corrected more than 2 days back, please contact your building office or the HR department to make the change for you.
4)  I see "District-Approved Activity" listed as an option under Absence Reason. What does that mean?

District-Approved Activity includes any absence or vacancy that has been pre-approved by an administrator and does not count against your allocated absence days. Examples include professional development workshops, student testing, field trips, IEP meetings, etc. Because the District-Approved Activity selection does not count against your allocated absence days, it will require an administrator's approval in Aesop. When scheduling this absence or vacancy, be sure to enter the reason for the absence in the Comments box.
5) What should I do if I have a last minute emergency and I am not able to report my absence in Aesop?

Emergencies happen. If it is within one hour of your start time, Aesop will not allow you to report your absence. You will need to call Anne-Marie at 734-285-9660 x3 to report your absence. She will try to get a sub for you, if you require one. If it is your building's policy, you should call your administrator to inform them of the absence.
6)  I received a summons for jury duty. What is the proper procedure for reporting the absence?
You should schedule your absence in Aesop as you would any other absence. Choose Jury Duty as the absence reason. Usually you are asked to call the night before jury duty to verify whether or not you are to report. If they tell you that you do NOT need to report for jury duty, you must go into Aesop, cancel your absence, and report to work as usual. If they tell you that you need to report for jury duty, be sure you get documentation from the court verifying your attendance. You must submit that documentation to the Personnel Office in order for your absence to be approved.

7) Why should I choose preferred subs for my absences?

It is understandable that you may have people who you feel more comfortable with and prefer to sub for you. If that is the case, then you must designate them as "preferred" so Aesop will know to contact them first. If none of your preferred subs accepts the assignment within an allotted amount of time, then the absence is made available to people in the sub pool.
8) What happens if I select "Save & Assign" when reporting an absence?

When you select the Save & Assign option for reporting your absence, you will select a specific sub to cover your absence. You will only use this option if you have already confirmed with the sub that they are available to work for you during that absence. When you use this option, Aesop will NOT contact the sub. Aesop will assume that you and the sub have already agreed to the arrangement.
9) How do I report an absence to attend a funeral?

Some employee groups have designated bereavement days. If you fall into one of those groups, choose Bereavement as the absence reason. Follow the procedure outlined in your Master Agreement in terms of how many days are allowed under the Bereavement reason. Please submit a note from the funeral home, documentation of the services, or obituary to the Personnel Office upon return to work.  If you do not have designated bereavement day, you must use a Personal Day, if available, or take an Unpaid Day.